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Stars for Success

It’s never too early to build success

Stars for Success provides financial assistance to West Kootenay families for kids, up to the age of six, to participate in local sport, art, music, recreation and community programs.

Who can apply?

Families with a total gross income of less than $38,000 per year.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for up to $100 per child each calendar year (Jan-Dec).

How old must my child be?

Children are eligible for Stars for Success funding for programs that are completed by their sixth birthday.

What types of programs will you sponsor?

We will sponsor a variety of programs such as team sports, dance, swimming and CCRR Toy Library membership fees.  We can only sponsor one program at a time for each child.

How do I apply?

Complete an application form. Many local children’s programs, recreation centres and family centres also have application forms. Drop off, email or fax completed application forms to Stars for Success, 125 Hall Street, Nelson, BC V1L 7B4, FAX: 250.352.6712 or Email: info@thekoop.ca

When should I apply?

You must apply before you enroll your child in a program. We will not sponsor a child once enrolled or after they have completed a program.

How long does it take to get approval?

Please allow up to two weeks from when we receive your application. We will contact you to let you know your application has been approved.

Who receives the funding?

The funding is paid directly to the program. We do not reimburse fees to parents.

What is a Financial Reference?

A financial reference must be a professional who works with families. It can be a preschool or childcare educator, school principal or teacher, doctor or public health nurse, social worker, counselor or family support worker. The most important thing is that the reference knows you and can attest to your financial need.

Who cannot be a financial reference?

A financial reference cannot be someone who works for or is connected to the program to which you wish to send your child. A financial reference cannot be related to you or be a close friend or neighbor.

Apply for Stars for Success

Click here  to download a printable copy of the application form. You can either fax, email or mail the completed form back to us.

Please return completed applications to:

Stars for Success

125 Hall St.
Nelson BC V1L 7B4

Fax: 250-352-6712

For more information contact:

250-352-6786 or 1.866.551.KIDS (5437)